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When an accident occurs due to a collision the jack-knifed big rig, serious injuries can be sustained. In most cases the injuries are serious, and can include had injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and paralysis. The injuries from this type of accident can be life changing and protect your rights; a Long Beach advocate from Ehline Law Firm PC is just this type of attorney to represent you in a compensation claim when you reside or were radically harmed in that City for many reasons as will be touched upon here. First and foremost, Ehline stands head and shoulders above the rest in clientele satisfaction and results.

When danger strikes and people are put into the hospital, it is Ehline who is known for obtaining millions upon millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, and who is also famous for returning phone calls and keeping clients fully informed about the progress and prognosis of the their case.  Read on and discover the award winning Ehline difference.

Definition of Jacknife

It is important to have an attorney that understands the collision between a passenger vehicle and the Long Beach jack-knifed big rig. Jack-knifing of a big rig occurs when the trailer pivots and the truck and trailer form the shape of a “v”. When this occurs the trailer slides across several lanes of traffic and can happen when the truck driver applies the brakes suddenly. The action of the trailer sliding across several lanes of traffic and can involve other vehicles on the roadway, causing serious injury or even death.

Due to the multiple parties and potential sources of recovery, these are considered complex legal claims that requires a staff of highly trained tort law specialists like Ehline Law Firm PC.

How Can Ehline Help in Recovering Compensation for a Jack-Knife Accident in Long Beach?

Recovering compensation is important for the injured victim and our Long Beach law firm has experience needed to assist the injured victim in getting maximum amount compensation. Our legal beagles have a complete understanding of truck driver and truck company regulations and California motor vehicle laws. This allows our attorneys to investigate every facet of the accident, which allows them to give injured victims the best possible representation.

Our Vast Experience in Long Beach

Our advocates have experience in all types of calamities that involve havoc and harm, like broken bones to more serious injuries or even a negligent killing of another human. After jackknifed big rig smash up you did not cause,  you deserve compensation. Our professionals are dedicated to recovering you the highest possible compensation for injured victims. This compensation can include medical expenses, ongoing medical care, with lost wages both now and in the future, pain and suffering.

Consulting with a Long Beach Jack-knife Accident Attorney

After an accident, our firm believes the injured victim needs time to recover from their injuries, without financial stress and worry. It is their belief that the injured victim should be compensated, whether it is negligence on the part the driver or the truck company who is at fault. The injured victim deserves compensation and our Long Beach accidents attorneys are dedicated to getting the best possible compensation. We also deal with trucking overtime disputes, back pay issues, blindness, deafness, burn injuries and trash truck accidents in the LBC (learn more about garbage truck accidents). If you were seriously injured contact Ehline Law Firm PC. Get justice from a real, veteran fighter.

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